About Me

D. A. Charles is a wife, mother and personal care provider by day, and enjoys writing into the wee hours of the night from her residence in the forest.

Her roots began in nursing, where she became interested in disability rights. For more than thirty years, ‘nise has worked one on one with individuals with disabilities, enjoys the, sometimes challenging, scavenger hunt that is information and referral, and is involved in disability rights advocacy.

‘nise has sprinkled real life disability issues throughout her writing to bring about disability awareness and maintains an information and referral website with links for agencies and organizations that provide goods and services for individuals who have disabilities, as well as current events that may interest the disability community.

While the characters she writes about are fictional, they are inspired by individuals who have left their footprints on her life. ‘nise portrays individuals who have disabilities with respect and realism. They are living, breathing characters that have flaws and vulnerabilities, dreams and desires, no different from anyone else.